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Marie-Christine Williams

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Leading Keynote and Motivational Speaker Promoting Hope, Peace, Acceptance, Diversity, and Inclusion

As a speaker, Marie-Christine captivates and inspires audiences with the  account of her strength, determination and survival.  She explores the nature of forgiveness, and the healing power of compassion and service to others.  Through faith, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit, her dramatic message is designed for all people wanting to bring meaning and uplifting to their lives.

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One Teen's Journey Through The Rwandan Massacres

This is the true story of Marie-Christine Williams, a young woman who grew up in two very different cultures, surviving abuse, torture and massacre.

Extraordinary. Marie-Christine Williams displays incredible strength beyond even her comprehension. Spiritually powerful and moving.  Throughout unspeakable pain you can continue to see this bright soul shine through. Incredibly poignant and moving. Seeing such a compassionate person leaves me nothing but heartfelt admiration for the author. While the book is filled with pain, you can easily feel the light and strength emerge as the true beauty and essence of her soul is shown. A beautiful lady rises as a winner. - CHRISTOPHER TOTE

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Marie-Christine Williams
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